Peace at Pebble Beach

I had always dreamt of going to Carmel. Ever since I had first read about it in a book as a teenager. I recently made a giant move across the country to California. It was a major life change and I heard about Pebble Beach shortly after moving here and I knew I had to go there. I never knew exactly how deeply this place would move me.

The sheer beauty of this place is almost indescribable. I don't believe that there are even any photographs that can do this place justice. As loud as the ocean roars, it is a beautiful quiet. A peaceful place that is completely captivating. Beyond the crashing of the waves and the screeching of the birds, you can hear the barks of the seals as they frolic in the water right in front of you. They are just charming to watch, and you cannot help but smile as you watch them. The horizon right out in front of you is stunning no matter the time of day. Whether you look left or right there is just the vast ocean, and the blue is absolutely beautiful. As the waves crash on the shore, the color changes to a beautiful sea foam green. The smell of the salty air is so refreshing and just feels like a giant hug wrapping around you. The rocks that cover the start of the beach come in all shapes and sizes. There were so many little and big towers that people had built out of the rocks and even a simple rock tower was beautiful to look at.

I was amazed at how I was suddenly engulfed in the beauty all around me and completely was able to forget about everything else. I had my camera in hand and just kept clicking the shutter button. I didn't try to capture anything specific, I just looked at the things that had me in awe. The things I found breathtaking. Not even realizing how the photos would come out. The birds would fly right in front of me as I was snapping away and after I loaded the photos into my computer, I had even surprised myself. Even the birds in flight were just stunning. I was thinking initially that I had gotten carried away at how many pictures I had snapped, but I am so grateful that I took as many as I did.

I was lucky enough to be able to stay and watch the sunset. As the sun got lower and lower in the sky, it looked like the ocean was swallowing it up. The shadows began to spread like a giant blanket, turning the deep blues dark. The perfect blue sky slowly changed into the most stunning shade of golden yellow. The sky grew darker, and the sun disappeared behind the ocean in the most beautiful few moments that I had ever witnessed. It was a place I found such peace. My body and mind were so completely relaxed, and I was so happy. I didn't want to have to leave...I wanted to stay. The smells, the sounds, the sights are my most favorite and I never wanted the feeling to end. I knew I had found my new favorite place in California, and I already cannot wait to go back.

If you have to opportunity to visit this gorgeous place, you cannot let the opportunity pass you by. I would suggest you bring a camera if you have one or even just use your won't regret it.